This name is meaningful to me for a couple of reasons:

1.It’s an acronym of my main health disorders: (FMS)(SS).

  • FMS: Fibromyalgia Syndrome
  • SS: Sjögren’s Syndrome

2.My Mimi called me “her sunshine” for 26 years of my life. She suffered through many of these disease symptoms in her life, though she was never diagnosed, before passing away July 15, 2018. ❤️☀️🦋

Each blog serves a purpose. FMSunShine is made up of the bottled world closed tightly inside of me and buried away.

We all have day to day struggles. Some days we may just want to be someone else entirely.

Change your mind”.❤️

I wish for you to be able to find hope, courage, faith, and healing to continue through your current struggles.

About Me

Writing has always provided a release for me. Through writing I’ve been able to express myself. In writing I’ve been able to explain myself. By writing I hope to heal myself, from the inside out.

Aside from writing, music has given me a voice when I haven’t been able to find one for myself, for the moments I’ve been speechless, but deep in emotion and pain. It’s healing of an entirely different kind. The melodies, the vocals, the lyrics have given my heart a beat when all feels lost. For these reasons, I have added a page dedicated entirely to songs that my heart is beating to, past and now.

Visit it here: Music Heals Me.

🎶 Feel it, defeat it, there must be some kind of reason.
Can’t feel anything outside myself
My ego is shrinking – they think that they know what I’m thinking.
I don’t think I need their kind of help.

Why am I overthinking?
Tried not to overthink this. . .
I do my best to fight it.
I’m so anxious.✨

I’ve hidden my pain and struggles for so long. At this point in my life, I feel the need to speak up, in hopes to help someone who is in a similar position, but afraid to speak out their truths.

Because I, for one, am tired of creating a false image of a person who I cannot be.

I will bear my secrets on this page, things that I’ve hidden and been ashamed of for my entire life. It’s my time to not be ashamed; it’s time for me to speak up for my truths, my shames, my secrets, and my deepest inner demons, because

all of what they are is who I am.

🎶The choir in my brain, is so fu*king debilitating
A thousand voices, different keys. So
I try to diffuse it, and put on some positive music,
But it don’t work when I can’t relate.

Why am I overthinking?
Tried not to overthink this. . .
I do my best to fight it
I’m so anxious.

So this is me.

I will write of my journey through life, as someone who struggles with Fibromyalgia, Sjögren’s Syndrome, Celiac Disease, a multitude of Food Allergies, and Chronic Depression – all while trying to keep my best foot forward, facing the sun while keeping the shadows behind me.

Twisting my crazy life to a positive light isn’t always the most simple thing to do. I imagine it’s the same for you!

All of these faults have shown me what “love” really means, how “unconditional” actually feels, and how much “hope” really matters.

I hope you enjoy your stay on my page, and remember to always take the opportunity to be BRAVE!💖

🎶Cause at the end of the day, I’m just afraid
I’m a heartbreak away.
And all the prescriptions and paths, and addictions we have
They can’t keep us sane.
So I keep lying to myself
To make it better,
And I pretend I’m someone else
It makes it better.

Why am I overthinking?
Tried not to overthink this. . .
I do my best to fight it
I’m so anxious.



Contact: fmsunshineblog@yahoo.com

🎶 “anxious.” by EZI 🎶

Quote: 🎶”Change Your Mind”🎶 by Sister Hazel

** Disclaimer**

This blog and any content written and added is not intended to replace a health care professional’s advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This blog does not constitute medical or other professional advice. Do not, in any case, disregard a professional’s or specialist’s advice, nor delay in seeking it due to anything you have read or seen on the FearlesslyMakingSunshine blog.